Phone Overheating?

Does your device feel hot when touched despite the environment temperature being cool? This indicates your device is overheating, and this could be due to a variety of different factors. One of the main reasons for an overheated device is the battery. Most phone batteries are made from lithium which is generally safe but could malfunction and result in overheating. 

  • Ways to avoid it from occurring:

    • Avoid placing devices near any hot appliances or items. That includes leaving it out in the sun for long periods. The device can retain the heat and could potentially result in the phone overheating. 

    • Avoid overworking the device by turning off the apps that aren’t in use and freeing up memory space. Freeing up the phone memory and deleting apps that haven’t been used for a while will reduce the stress on the processor.

    • If the device is overheating, take off the phone case and allow few minutes for the phone to cool down before placing it back on. This would allow the phone to cool down quicker without anything blocking it.


  • Steps to overcome an overheated phone:

    • Ensure that the device software’s are up to date along with the apps. This would aid the overall performance of the phone as the device is using up less energy. 

    • Remove apps that you no longer use or files you haven’t accessed in a while. Transfer the files to a hard drive or external storage. This would improve your phone’s efficiency and reduce the workload of the processor.

    • Lastly, switch the device to Airplane mode when limited device use is needed.

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