LG Wing - LG latest swivelling dual-screen phone

As companies race to find the next innovative phone, a quiet player in this field announced their new phone with a rather exciting concept. LG came out with its latest model - LG WING, on September 14, 2020. With a swivelling screen that rotates 90 degrees to reveal a 3.9" second screen, could this be a game-changer? 

This model is the first of its kind in the LG Explorer project. With specs and features that include:

  •  6.8" POLED display
  • 3.9" GOLED Second Screen
  •  32MP pop-up front-camera
  • Three back cameras - 64MP OIS wide-angle, 13MP wide-angle, and 12MP ultrawide 
  • Gimbal Motion Camera, Dual Recording
  • 8GB RAM / 128GB or 256GB
  • Snapdragon 765G
  • 4,000mAh battery

The specs are no short than intriguing, especially the "Gimbal Motion Camera". By utilizing the 2nd screen as a stabilizer, the Gimbal feature enables the user to capture moving objects in a few different options. Starting with a joystick feature which allows the user to freehand record the movement without moving the phone. The other option is to lock the camera or use the pan follow mode. Another exciting spec is the "Dual Recording feature", which allows you to use to back and front camera simultaneously. 

A few from the tech world got the opportunity to test the device, which resulted in mixed reviews. Some liked the overall feel of the phone, while others felt that it was bulky. Overall, the consensus was that the specs were pretty decent, but that would again depend on LG's price point for the WING.

LG plans to release in South Korea next month following later in North America. This device's price point is yet to be announced, but they're a few speculations that it would be priced at the higher end of the spectrum. LG Wing is an unconventional phone, and we look forward to the next model in the LG Explorer Project.


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