Why You Should Buy a Used Smartphone

No need to shell out hundreds and hundreds of dollars when you need to get a smartphone.

These days, buying a smartphone is becoming more and more expensive, with phone price tags reaching the 4-digit range. There's also the issue of all of the major carriers creating complicated pricing structures depending on whether or not you're choosing to get a new phone with your plan (spoiler alert: you're going to pay more per month if you do). So for someone who wants to graduate out of their old iPhone 4s, or for that unfortunate soul whose phone has landed at the bottom of a lake, what does one do? Purchase used! 

It's a trend that's not going away. Gartner, a research firm, predicts that the worldwide market for refurbished smartphones will reach 120 million units by 2020. And for good reason - there are a number of reasons it's worth buying used:

Keep your current rate plan

Canada, along with the US, are a couple of the countries that have created a strong link between buying a phone and buying phone service, with a messy, complicated structure depending on whether you're bringing your own phone, signing up for a tab, or paying extra for your plan for the exact same service. There are a few carriers in Canada that have separated the marriage between the device and the rate plan - Chatr and Mobilicity don't offer cheaper phones with long-term commitments.

Other countries around the world, such as Germany, have a culture where the purchase of a phone and service are quite separated. Because they go together in Canada, our carriers are able to rip us all off with a difficult-to-navigate pricing structure. You don't have to get caught up in it.

Reduce e-waste

With the ridiculous number of smartphones that are in everyone's hands, there's no doubt that it's not necessarily clean for the environment. The majority of phones that owners no longer use end up in the garbage, which releases horrible toxins into the environment. By purchasing a used phone, you'll be making sure this doesn't happen.

No contracts to worry about

If you're able to make it through your two- or three-year contract with your phone still intact, you've done great! However, not all of us are able to achieve this. A large number of those who buy phones outright are still in the middle of their contracts and are unable to renew to get a cheaper phone. 

In these cases, buying used is a smart option. Used phones are all fully tested (if you're purchasing from a reputable source) so it's pretty much the same thing as buying used - aside from the price tag. 

iPhone 7, 32GB, no contract (new from Bell) - $648
iPhone 6, 32GB, no contract (used, mint condition from The Mobile Base) - $434

The price difference is quite sizeable.

Save a ton compared to buying outright

This goes with the point right above, and the price comparison between buying new and buying used outlines that perfectly. Buying a phone brand new, similar to buying a car brand new, is not a good investment. As soon as they are used, they lose a good amount of their value. Some models lose more value that others - iPhones hold their value better than other smartphones.

If you're looking for a replacement smartphone, buying used is the right away to go. Check out our inventory of used smartphones at The Mobile Base >

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