Apple iPhone SE 16GB Space Grey

Carrier: Fido


Product Description

This phone is unlocked, meaning it's ready to be used around the world with most SIM cards.

The beloved iPhone look is back with the iPhone SE. Don’t be fooled by it’s classic look as it hosts the same internal chip as the iPhone 6s. With the A9 chip, it can handle the newest apps with incredible speed. The iPhone SE is significantly smaller and lighter than the iPhone 6s to make it a true one hand phone. It also boasts a much more powerful camera than it’s look alike, the iPhone 5s. With a 12 megapixel camera, your photos will look crisp and clean. It also comes with the same Touch ID biometric protection to keep your phone secure. In addition to the classic Gold, Silver, and Space Grey, the iPhone SE unveils a brand new colour, Rose Gold. You can rest assured your phone will not only look beautiful, but perform beautifully as well.

Condition Outline

Mint condition - there will be almost no signs of use on the phone
Good condition - shows some signs of use on the screen and body
Fair condition - the phone will have noticeable signs of use, such as scratches and heavy wear
All of our devices are fully tested and have passed a multi-point inspection to ensure functionality.

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