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iPhone 6 Plus Repair Rates

We're able to handle a wide variety of repairs for your iPhone 6 Plus. Whether it be a simple issue like a cracked screen, or something that's more of a mystery, we can help out.

Take a look at our iPhone 6 Plus repair rates below:

Screen Repair - Glass Only

If you've dropped your phone and the screen is broken, we'll put a new screen on your phone to get it looking new again.



Screen Repair - Glass + LCD

If your phone has taken enough of a drop that the LCD display is also damaged, we can get a new screen on for you.



Battery Replacement

If your phone's battery isn't lasting as long as it should be, we can put a new battery in there.



Earpiece Repair

Can't hear the other person while you're on the phone, or does it sound fuzzy/muffled? We can fix the earpiece to get phone call clarity back.



Loudspeaker Repair

If there's no sound coming from the speaker of your phone when you're on a call or playing music from it, we can replace the loudspeaker component.



Microphone Repair

If you're on the phone and the person on the other side can't hear you clearly (or at all), we can switch out the microphone so you can make calls again.



Power Button Repair

If the power button on your phone isn't working when it's clicked, or it's not clicking at all, we'll get the button working again.



Volume Button Repair

If the volume button on your phone isn't working when it's clicked, or it's not clicking at all, we'll get the part working again.



Front Camera Repair

Selfies aren't turning out the way they should, or the front camera doesn't open at all? We'll fix the front camera so you can continue taking pictures.



Main Camera Repair

If the camera on your phone is taking blurry pictures, not focusing properly, or not opening at all, we'll fix it and get you back to taking great pictures.



Camera Lens Repair

If there's some sort of damage on the outside glass of the camera, we can fix it up so that it looks as good as new.



Charging Port Repair

Is your phone not charging up when plugged in, or is the cable not even going in? We'll take a look and get your phone charging the way it should.



Ring/Silent Switch Repair

If something's wrong with the ring/silent switch near the volume buttons, we'll fix the part up so that you can switch between ring and silent with ease again.



Vibration Repair

Is your phone no longer vibrating when it should be? We'll see what's wrong with the vibration motor and replace it.



If your issue isn't listed above, feel free to bring your device by - we'd be happy to take a look and get things all fixed up for you.